There are two main types of commercial laundries:

A commercial ironing machine

You Rent, We Wash

No need to purchase your own linens and garments! Commercial laundries can offer a “full-service”, from owning the garments to laundering to upkeep to help take that maintenance off your hands. If you rent your uniforms, you won’t have to think about getting rid of them and ordering new custom item garments with any employee turnovers. For any linens or uniforms, the laundry will replace the items as they come in if they look worn out with brand new ones. Some of these commercial laundries offer custom embroidery even when you rent. You won’t lose out on quality and uniqueness when renting, you’ll only be saving money on the linens themselves and their upkeep.

A woman removing laundry from a commercial washing machine

You Own, We Wash

If you already own your linens and garments, you can have a commercial laundry wash, dry and fold for you! Their equipment, chemicals and overall facilities have safeguards in place to ensure your high-quality items aren’t damaged during the laundering process. These processes will also increase your good life span. For those that offer these services, their sorting processes ensure that your goods are kept separate from others and aren’t lost in another customer’s items.

In this Industry, this is also known as Customer Owned Goods (COG) or Not Our Goods (NOG).

We’ve broken that down even further into different market types based on what each sector the commercial laundry can serve.

Professional Heavy Industry Engineer/Worker Wearing Safety Uniform and Hard Hat Uses Tablet Computer. Smiling African American Industrial Specialist Walking in a Metal Construction Manufacture.


Commercial laundries also provide products and services that can help businesses operate more efficiently and safely like high-visibility gear, fire-resistant uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and offer first aid and safety products, mats, mops and restroom supplies as well. Typical types of uniforms that the commercial laundries handle include those for manufacturing plants, automotive shops, pharmaceutical and food-processing companies as well as chef’s wear, medical wear, coveralls, aprons and more. These laundries feature equipment and chemicals that will be able to get out stains that home washing can’t. Company branding features like adding your logo on your own uniforms or rent those that match your company colors as also available. No matter what, there is a commercial laundry that can handle your business needs.

Close-up of Young male Asian doctor physician listening to action patient lie in bed  heartbeat or breathing patients in the hospital/ Healthcare and medically concept.


Commercial laundries service hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, medical offices, nursing homes and other medical facilities. Your organization can rest assured that the laundry you choose will properly handle all garments and linens from sorting, laundering at correct temperatures and with chemicals that will deeply clean to remove any contaminants and bacteria, and professionally dry and fold before wrapping to deliver back to you. While most healthcare laundries may be able to handle both acute and non-acute healthcare facilities, some may only specialize in one. You can find how we define the two to help you find the best healthcare servicing laundry for your facility.      


Hospitals and long-term care facilities where patients stay overnight. Typically, they launder bed linen, scrubs, patient gowns, towels, PPE, etc.


Outpatient centers, surgery centers, urgent care, labs, medical offices and other ambulatory care facilities where patients receive same-day services. Typically, they launder bed linen, scrubs, patient gowns, towels, PPE, etc.

Towels on a hotel bed


Hotels, bed & breakfasts, and other lodging industry segments are serviced by commercial laundries. Typically, they launder bed linens and towels. If you own your linens and want to ensure their quality stays the same,  you can count on outsourced laundries to contribute thanks to equipment and safeguards that deeply clean and lengthen linen life. That’s a big plus for hotels that own their items and keep enough in their inventory to benefit from the consistency of hotel linen service delivery.

A table in a restaurant set with dishes and linens


Commercial laundries service full- and limited-service restaurants, as well as hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, and other locations where food is handled or served. This includes food manufacturers and processors that are looking for a commercial laundry. Typically, restaurant linen services launder table linen, towels, napkins and garments. The equipment in these commercial laundries are designed to take out all the stains and keep your tablecloths and napkins in their vibrant colors. If you are renting, as soon as the color begins to fade, you can trade them out.

Someone mopping in a hallway

Mats, Mops and More

Many businesses use mats, mops, towels and other dust-control products. Typically, these items are rented. You can rent from wide selections of floor mats that match your décor or you can customize to feature your logo or company brand to use at store entrances or for your employees to comfortably stand on. Mop exchanges allow your business to use a wet or dust mop for an extended amount of time and the commercial laundry will pick up the used mop and replace with a new clean one. Stop the dirt and dust at the door.