Increase Productivity and Efficiency

You already manage, supervise, coordinate, assist and budget. Let the pros handle your linens and uniforms so it is quality controlled, professionally cleaned and under budget.

Outsourcing your laundry will not only save you time, effort, and money, but it offers a great convenience. The commercial laundry will handle picking up the dirty laundry, laundering in their large-capacity, high-productivity machinery and then deliver the clean uniforms, linens, and more back to you. This allows you and your employees to focus on other aspects of your business without needing to add the stress of laundering.

Doing your own laundry can take a lot of time out of your day and week. Outsourcing will allow everyone at your company to put that time to better use. In a commercial laundry, the washers and dryers are designed to process hundreds to thousands of pounds at a time. In addition, their folding machines alone can handle up to 5x more laundry than the average person. No need to worry about making sure everything has been washed, dried, and folded in time, a commercial laundry will pick up and deliver at a time that works best for you and your schedule.

By outsourcing, you’ll also be able to reduce your expenditure in comparison to an on-premise laundry. Many factors lead into an in-house laundry including equipment, maintenance, water, energy, staff, supplies and more. Equipment alone has a high initial cost of purchase, including their installation, and when it’s time to replace your machine, you’ll have to spend that money all over again. A commercial laundry would remove the need to purchase equipment or to have it maintained. No need to worry about purchasing the cleaning supplies either!

For your staff, you’ll have to hire new individuals to work in the laundry or pay to train all of them on the laundering process. A laundry manager will need to be hired who can focus on the laundry to make sure everything is running efficiently and know which contractors to call to fix any issues. With a commercial laundry, they already have the staff able to work immediately on your laundry and to maintain their equipment at all times.

Outsourcing will reduce the costs associated with running your own laundry and allow you to put those dollars to better use for your business. Use this handy On-Premises Laundry Calculator to see an estimated cost comparison in relation to your business!

Overall, a commercial laundry removes the hassle of washing your own laundry-saving you time and money which will improve your productivity and efficiency.

Higher Quality Cleaning

Commercial laundry services offer the cleanest, safest,  highest quality uniforms and reusables and meet industry cleanliness standards.

A commercial laundry will provide a professional cleanoing of your linens, uniforms and other items that goes above and beyond. They know the correct products, temperatures to full-clean your items of all obvious stains as well as remove the risk of infections.

A typical washer, like what you use at home, operates around 140°F (60°C) which is lower than what is needed to completely remove bacteria and to remove the risk of infection. A commercial laundry will reach those temperatures needed to eradicate the risk.

A commercial laundry must and will follow all regulations and standards set forth by local, state and federal regulators. As more research is conducted on how best to handle the laundering of linens and uniforms, more specific regulations will come out. Let commercial laundry take the pressure out of your hands and provide you with the highest-quality cleaning.

Hygienically Clean Certification

The Hygienically Clean Certifications recognize a company’s commitment to cleanliness through laundry plant inspection and third-party, quantified biological testing. The certification process verifies that the plant processes used in these facilities meet appropriate hygienically clean standards and best-management practices across the following areas: Food Safety, Food Service, Healthcare and Hospitality.


Commercial washing machines use significantly less energy and water than residential washing machines, which means less water is discharged into the environment. Less energy ensures the smallest carbon footprint.

Outsourcing your laundry will conserve resources. Using a commercial laundry’s large-capacity, high-productivity machinery dramatically improves efficiencies in washing your linens, uniforms and more compared with laundering on-premises. Less water, energy and chemistry are required, a plus for sustainability and cost control.

The commercial laundry washers and dryers are built to handle hundreds to thousands of pounds of goods at a time. These washers require less water and chemicals per pound and the dryers are built to use up to half as much energy per pound of laundry in comparison to home washers and dryers. Commercial washers use as low as 1 ½ gallons of water per pound of laundry whereas an on-premise laundry can use 3-4 times as much.

Clean Green Certification

The Clean Green Certification recognizes companies whose operations meet quality standards for effectiveness in conserving resources and minimizing environmental impact. These companies demonstrate responsible leadership in sustainability and conservation by acknowledging commitment to improving water and energy efficiency, and adoption of best-management practices for reusing, reclaiming and recycling resources.