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Benefits of
Commercial Laundry Services

A higher quality, more cost-effective and environmentally friendly business choice.

You already manage, supervise, coordinate, assist and budget. Let the pros handle your linens and uniforms so it is quality controlled, professionally cleaned and under budget.

Commercial laundry services offer the cleanest, safest highest quality uniforms and reusables and meet industry cleanliness standards.

Commercial washing machines use significantly less energy and water than residential washing machines, which means less water is discharged into the environment. Less energy ensures a far smaller carbon footprint.

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Commercial Laundry

Millions of Americans benefit daily from professionally laundered linens, uniforms and other textiles for hospitals, restaurants and hotels, including roughly 20 million uniformed industrial employees.

Laundry: How it Works

How do we get dirty, soiled laundry to be the cleanest, safest, highest quality uniforms and reusables? Commercial launderers follow proven best practices when picking up, cleaning, folding, and delivering linens, providing businesses with laundered linens, garments and other reusable textiles cost-effectively and in hygienically clean condition, that means microorganisms are controlled so that they won't pass on diseases to people or animals.