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Comfort, sanitation, image, convenience, profitability, and sustainability are all important factors for the success of any restaurant. Discover the numerous benefits below and learn how to best elevate your restaurant's dining experience.

Top 6 Benefits of Choosing Reusable Linens
For Food and Beverage


Number green assetImage

Studies show that 62% of diners say cloth napkins and tablecloths provide a better dining experience.

Real tablecloths and napkins are the marks of a good restaurant. By incorporating quality table linens, you evoke a sense of luxury, professionalism, and attention to detail, instantly improving your restaurant's image 68% of diners appreciate that cloth napkins fit the d├ęcor better and 72% feel that tablecloths add a touch of elegance.

Number green assetThe Profitability of Cloth

On average, diners are willing to pay an extra $10 per person at a restaurant with table linens

Investing in table linens offers more than just aesthetic appeal. Moreover, 74% of restaurant decision-makers believe that restaurants are more profitable when they use cloth napkins or tablecloths. Contrary to popular belief, cloth napkins are also cost-effective compared to disposables, as indicated by 66% of restaurant decision-makers.

The Profitability of Cloth

Number green assetSanitation - Clean Counts

93% of customers perceive cleanliness as the most important aspect, slightly surpassing the importance of food (90%)

Cleanliness is paramount when it comes to the dining experience. Contrary to popular belief, 58% of restaurant decision-makers believe that reusable textiles are cleaner than single-use disposables. Additionally, 66% of customers feel that restaurants are cleaner when they utilize cloth napkins and tablecloths. By prioritizing sanitation, you can meet the higher standards of cleanliness expected by today's customers.

Number green assetComfort & Service

Did you know that 78% of diners prefer cloth napkins and tablecloths?

By switching to our napkins and table linens, you can enhance your guests' overall impression of your restaurant. Consumers associate tablecloths with better service, making them feel comfortable and well-cared for throughout their dining experience.

Comfort & Service

Number green assetSustainability

72% of F&B decision makers feel that environmental sustainability continues to be a key factor for choosing reusable textiles.

Reusables vs Single use disposables:

  • Reusable napkins and table linens are also your restaurant's best option if you're looking to step up your business's sustainability effort.
  • As convenient and inexpensive as disposable options are for everyday use, they are also some of the least sustainable items around.
  • Demonstrate your environmental stewardship.
  • F&B Decision makers say cloth napkins are less expensive than disposables (66%)

Number green assetConvenience and Ease

Running a restaurant involves numerous responsibilities. That's why it's important to invest in more than just linens.

Floor mats, logo mats, restroom supplies, and first aid kits all contribute to a greater restaurant experience. By delegating the responsibility of washing and replacement to a trusted third party, you can free up physical space that would otherwise be used for storing disposable materials. Take advantage of the convenience and efficiency that comes with comprehensive textile solutions.

Convenience and Ease